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The Eye of the Tiger


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The Eye of the Tiger represents the power, magnificence, and independence of one of the most strong-willed creatures on the planet. This design features 8mm AA+ polished Tiger Eye beads - a crystal with breathtaking bands of yellow, brown, and gold that beautifully dance in the light. Simply touching the stones of this bracelet immediately conveys a feeling of pure power and elegance. This bracelet will be sure to turn heads in any type of environment.

Eye of the Tiger Gemstone: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye is a stone most commonly known for courage, power, and protection. It takes a lot of guts to step off the conventional path we are pushed towards to pursue a life that you design. The properties of the Tiger Eye in your bracelet will help keep you moving forward in times of uncertainty, doubt, frustration, and loneliness that we all face as dream chasers.


This skew features our "THEHUSTLEPREVAILS" logo engraved into a gold-colored stainless steel bead, AAA+ Tiger Eye gemstones, gold-colored stainless steel spacers, and our "THP" logo engraved on both sides of a gold-colored stainless steel sphere. All beads are strung on a durable elastic cord and hand-tied. The elastic cord allows you to get the bracelet over your hand easily while at the same time maintaining the bracelet's structural integrity.


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